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Splicecom is a british based telecoms company who deliver high quality and offer competitive solutions to voice requirements. I worked as an integral part of their web team and offer design insights and development expertise.
During my time with Splicecom, we were finalists for multiple awards and won the company's first award in 15 years.



  • Full Stack
  • PHP
  • Design


Checkout & CMS

Splicecom had been providing a quoting tool for their clients for a while when I came to them. But any changes made would have to be done by going into and updating a file on their system. I was able to overhaul their quoting tool with a brand new design and a content management system and a suite of tools that allowed the team more flexibility with updating prices. Including integration with their other systems to allow for a smooth transition and pipeline from their clients getting quotes for their products to shipping them out.

Modernising Legacy

Whilst working with Splicecom my first task I took upon myself was to renew their website and bring it into the modern era - both creating updated graphics and a design language for the company to use moving forwards, and bringing modern design principles to a company who has been a mainstay in the British telecomms industry for two decades.

Telecomms Graphics

I was employed at Splicecom as a developer, but over my time there I took on a number of other roles and utilised my broader array of skills to produce graphics, videos and more.

Alternate Designs

I produced a series of other designs for websites to provide some perspective on what we liked and what we didn't like with the existing designs for their websites.