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Quoting Tool

The quoting tool went by many names, the "Pricing Configurator" was the one used most commonly, but this was a tool I developed whilst at Splicecom to aid their clients in picking out items for their customers and calculating the price. Essentially, it was a complex version of the checkout process of most sites, including a full custom-coded CMS to add/remove projects, keep track of price changes and a change-log and create custom deals for various products or clients.

The Quoting Page

The Quoting Page includes a section with a series of categories along the left side where you can access various products to add to your quote. This opens in the form of various modals. Some of these products are nested into other products and their setup for pricing can get quite complex. Such as one product where when you order it, get a license item added for free and for every 3rd quantity of that product you get a discount on another item.

I put in a huge amount of work into making this tool both flexible, easy-to-adjust and able to work for every client who might use it. Quote-assigning features to allow multiple users to work on the same quote. Audit logs that shows every activity on a quote to log who made what change, all of this made both checking out for the user, updating the system for our administrators and resolving issues much easier.

How it Works


One of the fun challenges with creating this checkout tool was that Splicecom offered multiple different price bands for different customers. A "gold" customer would get access to different pricing to a "Silver" customer. I created a system where that pricing would be automatically logged into a changelog system and then administrators could choose when to or not to release that information publically, so that clients could easily see the most recent changes to pricing. The site also contained a place where it would generate these price-lists into downloadable xls files.

Along with the client-side features, I created a price-band manager, where product pricing changes could be made and released to the public. It also allowed for the creation of an entire price band for a different currency by simply entering an exchange rate and clicking a button.


The Price Builder was a tool to allow our administrators to set up products that had pricing that was a little bit more complicated than just price x quantity. It has a series of settings and forms that apply for each product to change the way that it's price is calculated or to include additional items with it. Any options on the left that have a blue target next to them are areas where settings have already been set for a product.