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This project was one I undertook as part of my time with Equal Experts. I assisted on some front-end design tweaks for a project called "UX FORMS" that was being worked on.
It was a great learning experience, my main role in the team was adjusting and adding some accessibility to the website.



Whilst working on this project, I wanted to spend some time looking into different standards for accessibility. I discovered WCAG and WCAG 2 guidelines' accesibility requirements for websites.
WCAG stands for Web Content Accesibility Guidelines and these were the guidelines I was ensuring that the website conformed to.
Find out more about WCAG here The screenshot shown on the left is a condensed version from w3.org


I looked into various tools online and managed to find an incredibly helpful website for detecting the clarity of colours against different backgrounds. It is a website called "Colour Contrast Check". This website proved an invaluable resource both for this and for future projects.

Accesibility changes

The first thing I ensured was that any links had active states that would make them clear and visible to somebody who was simply tabbing through the website.

I then ensured that any images or visual non-text-based media had alt tags so that a screen-reader would be able to read aloud the description of the image.

I checked all the fonts and backgrounds with the tool shown above (Colour Contrast Check) and found that some of the colours in the footer weren't easily readable and needed some slight changes.

Updated Footer

I also changed the sizes of certain elements like the navigation items on the navbar. This was to ensure they would be easily legible to people with poor vision.

We also produced a high-contrast view for the site that could be toggled on and off. This site removed most coloured backgrounds and kept a simple white to black design for the website.


This is a testimonial from my time at Equal Experts. It was written by Claire Littley who I spent some time learning some accessibility and design tips during my time with them.

"My experience of Reuben was that he was an intelligent, creative, polite, enthusiastic, young man.
He was eager to learn, willing to take on board feedback readily and obviously motivated and pro-active in applying his learnings. I don't think I have anything to say negatively about him."

Final Site

Click here to visit the final site.