Roulette wheel

This project was taken as part of a request to a friend, the intention of the service was to create a spinning wheel that a user could edit with custom information and roll to randomly select from a list of items. I thought this project would be significantly easier to complete than it was. The spinning wheel I found relatively easy to put together, with javascript having it’s own rand() feature built in, it wasn’t hard to create a random value to rotate the wheel by.

Final Site


The main issue I encountered with this project was I wanted for a long time to create a way of the tool saving the users informations using local storage or cookies, so that the user wouldn’t have to sign in in order to use the tool. It was around this time that my lecturer gave me the advice that it may be better to make people sign up to your site to use your features anyway, so I figured it would be easier to have them make an account. Which then worked, but I wasted some time working on the local storage options for no results.


Overall this project taught me some more about the basics of javascript and about how I can better use and implement a little more php for storing information into my websites. It has also given my guidance into some more things that I have to improve on in the future, namely learning more about how to store data for users without having to force them to sign up for the service. I attempted to make the service friendly to users and not just a prototype piece of test-code. The design I chose to go with can be seen here

For a link to the final site, click here.