Micron Company Website

I worked on this website during my time with The Ice Agency. It was created as a wordpress theme and used the couple plugins.

The Site


These are the designs I was handed during my time. I took them and my task was to code them into the wordpress theme and add as much of the functionality as I was able.


This project was very enlightening for me as it was an opportunity to improve upon my wordpress skills and learn from those at The Ice Agency.
I took the site from design to the point where the majority the front-end of the website was complete and set up as a wordpress theme.

Work Example


Reuben spent 2 weeks at The ICE Agency working as a web developer in a team of 3. At first we gave Reuben some very basic work for real clients, however we quickly realised that his skills with WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript were advanced enough to give him more complex work. We gave Reuben a real client project to work through (a 10 template WordPress site for a real client) and the results were excellent.

I would say his skills mean that he would be ready to slot right into a development team as a Junior Developer right away. He was comfortable using our project management system (JIRA) and our version control system (Git) and was a great asset to the team while he was here. Any further questions, please contact Luke Hopkins (Lead Developer, The ICE Agency) on luke@theiceagency.co.uk