Our aim for this project was to develop a campaign or product which would be funded by the government that would reduce the amount of food waste produced in the UK.

Final Promo Video

This video shows what the user's journey would be through the phone app.

Target Audience

We came up with a couple of ideas for our campaign, one of these was that we wanted to create a campaign which could potentially feed people without shelter by gathering food from restraunts.
Another idea we had was to attempt to educate families through the use of an app that we created and that was funded by the government. The main concept being that the app would allow families to organise their meals and ingredients based on how many people they were feeding to calculate and reduce food waste.
So we decided our target audience for this app was UK Households. This is because they are the largest contributor to household waste (as shown by statstics from the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee) Another benefit of targetting this demographic is it allows for the project to have long-lasting benefits as it would educate children who would hopefully which is what a government would want from a project they may invest into.



We began attempting to visualise how this type of app would work. We wanted to create an app that would allow the user to navigate it easily because if the app took too much time to use, busy families likely wouldn't pick it up. We also wanted to have the app be friendly and easy to use for children so that the whole family can get involved in the meal process. We used bright colours to appeal to people of a younger age. These were the initial mockups for our design for the app. Designs done by Silvia Bosoiu

Trying something more professional

We also wanted to take a look at what a more professional design would be so I mocked up a design to attempt to bring in a professional appearance for a site so that the government would be more likely to fund it. Ultimately, this style didn't fit the theme for how we wanted the app to look as we wanted it to appear a bit less bureaucratic and a bit more family friendly.

Final App Design

Silvia incorporated a mixture of these friendly and professional elements into a final design for the app. Ensuring it would be clear and easy to use whilst still retaining some friendliness for families that would be using them. More on the design of the app can be seen on Silvia's site.

Developing the site

Another developer and me produced a website which would go along-side the app as another tool that the families could use. It included a diary where they could keep track of the amount of food they wasted in a given week and track their improvement over a period of time. It would have to have functionality to allow users to log-in and enter their own information to track progress. The Final Site.