Print Pal

I got this idea from one of our lectures with Sam Barker. We had a session where we re-went over the basics of javascript and made some quick app ideas using them. I decided to take this project slightly further. My initial Idea was simply to use a project where you can figure out how big to make an image you need printed in pixels based off the size you wanted printed. For example, you can figure out the right image size for a certain width in centimeters and with a specific DPI. My first draft was extremely rough and just a code prototype that I had taken a little further than the lecture intended.

Final Site


I made this significantly prettier and gave the users the options to choose between multiple units of measurements. This project was a great way to get me back into javascript and taught me a bit more about how the maths in javascript work, which helped greatly with the Roulette Wheel Project I was working on. It also helped me achieve one of my goals for the semester which was to improve my basic understanding of Javascript.
This project went relatively smoothly and I was able to complete it quickly. I didn’t struggle with much when creating it and was able to notice some cool things javascript could do and get new ideas for future projects based off them. One of the big issues I hit was figuring out how to set a dropdown to select the different types of unit that the tool would convert to pixels. I was able to do this by adding a select element see above and a small piece of code that would switch the visible div depending on which element was visible.


For a link to the final site, click here.