My task

As part of one of my university modules, we had to develop a concept for a physical, mobile technology project. We chose to go with a concept for a computer-contact lens which would augment reality. The specific demographic we were aiming at was sports fans so the device could overlay live info onto live events.

This is the logo designed by Callum Mcmurray. This was for our mobile device project. Our final result was a contact device which would overlay relevant information over the user's view of sports events.

The Final Video

Initial Ideas

  • Public transport - Oyster Card/Route Planner
  • Entertainment Event - Concert recording, concert navigation
  • Buying Furniture - Utilities Controller, life size image projection
  • Ordering Food - Menu, Takeaway order, Stock Take, Remote in Restaurants
  • Sports Event - Sports Update, Local Sports related Yik Yak, Celebrity tweets
  • Presenting - Watch sized projector, queue cards wrist device

Initially we were given the prompt of creating a hardware device and were given categories to choose from as to what the device would do. We ended up choosing to create a sport event device. However, our earlier ideas were more varied.

Menu Device Idea

I was tasked with developing the "Ordering food" Idea. I first mind-mapped various features that could potentially be in this device.
To the left and below are some sketches and some developed digital drawings of how the device/ui might look. We ended up choosing the sports idea as the one with the most potential and so this idea got dropped in the end.

Sporting Event Device

We decided to go with the sports idea in the end. The core concept of this device is it would implement augmented reality into a sports fan's viewing experience. Overlaying statistics, information and fun facts primarily intended for use at live events.
We weren't one-hundred percent sure about what type of AR device we wanted to create and so we went through multiple iterations and ideas for how the end product would come out. We toyed around with implementing glasses and a watch in some way as seen below. The color sketch is my own, the other sketches are done by Matt Rogers.

Finalising the Idea - Promo Video

In the end we all came to the conclusion that contacts would be better as augmented reality glasses haven't really gone down very well *cough* *cough* google glass. We then went out and filmed some footage and created a video.
One of my main roles in the team was creating a promo video for the product. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, however, as with all things, it's not perfect. Unfortunately it took an exceedingly long time to render and after it was done there were multiple bugs but there wasn't enough time to re-render before the deadline for the project was due.

If I had more time I would've been able to refine it more as there are a couple rough edges but I think it shows of the idea and product to a decent degree.
My biggest issue was getting Cinema 4D to work with an after effects camera. It was a bit finicky and difficult to manage a rotating camera in after effects moving around cinema 4d files. However, I figured it out and so we got some cool 3d shots of our product in the video.