Live Tabletop RPGs

Loading Dice was a project I assisted on which was focussed on attempting to turn tabletop RPG games into entertainment for the viewer. I was asked to help create some visual overlays for the live-streams that this would take place on, as well as creating a video to promote one of the games that would be run.

the promotional video


I created a logo for the Loading Dice project. It had to be something that seemed fantasy based since the main focus of the stream would be the RPG Dungeons & Dragons.
Another thing I was asked to include in the logo was a d20 (20 sided dice) in the place of the "O" from loading. I decided to make the logo look like mossy stone to make it have a fantasy feel to it.

Overlays - Fantasy Themed

Social Overlay

I made some overlays which would be used to live-stream the games. I was asked to create two for each genre of game and to create a few different ones for different genres.

This overlay is designed to contain 5 cast-members cameras whilst chatting and having idle discussion or the game is taking place at a time where visuals aren't needed.

Screen Overlay

This overlay was designed to be used during sequences where the person managing the view of the audience would want to see something that was happening or be shown an image on screen.
During these moments the focus is taken away from the hosts and guests and so the cameras didn't need to be nearly as big.

Overlays - SciFi Theme

Overlays - Zombie Theme

Overlays - Vintage Theme

Profile Pictures

I also produced a series of profile pictures for the project. I produced one for facebook, twitter and youtube. (Left to Right)

Miscillanious Screens

Offline / Live Soon

Twitch streams have the option of an offline screen which we discussed and came to the conclusion that it would be best to create one of these for the project (Shown top left.) I was also asked to make versions of a "Live Soon" screen for each genre since the stream would go live 5 minutes earlier than the game with music so that the audience had time to get the notification that the stream went live and then come watch the stream.

The Stream

Click the stream below to have a look at how the stream-page looks, or click the youtube link to watch some of the examples of how the overlays are used from the Loading Dice youtube channel.