Einstein on the beach

For one of my university projects I had to visualise how a piece of music sounded and create a short video based off this. The piece of music we were given is called einstein on the beach..

The Final Animation


Whilst we were being informed on the task at hand, I began taking some notes whilst listening to the song. The point of the task was visualising the music so I was taking notes on the vibes and themes I was getting from the song for potential use.

For bad handwriting translation :

Some sort of Angelic/Holy imagery in background? White Light?
Maybe Watery Imagery?
Sounds sort of ethereal, fluid, reminds me of an ocean and angel choir.

I then began sketching some plans for how the actual words may appear on screen and how I'd want to place them. This formed the basic structure for how I'd end up making the animation look, with growing numbers to show the counting and words fading in and out somewhat ethereally.

After Effects

When I got back, I took these notes and brought my ideas into after effects to begin working on my watery/holy potential masterpiece. I began by taking a number, and using keyframe animation, had the number grow in scale in time with the vocals. I had the transparency fade as the voice faded.

When the second voice comes in counting over the first, I had this represented through glowing numbers fading in and out in the "background"

When the "lyrics" begin, I ued the same font and glow of the prior overlapping-numbers, having the words fade in as they are said, then fade out afterwards.

Then I found a nice stock-image of a church that I could use and applied some effects to make the light from the window appear as if it was moving fluidly around.


Overall I feel like the project went pretty well, The numbers could've possibly been slightly more in sync whilst counting but I was very happy with the vocals and lyrics.