Cirqik - Charge Quick

The project was done as part of my university course. It revolved around coming up with and developing an idea for a business and then pitching the project. As a part of a group we began to spitball ideas, the summary of some of the product/service ideas we came up with are below.

Initial concepts

Immersive mood lighting

One of our ideas for a business was one to create a product which would develop lighting hardware for a more immersive entertainment experience. Essentially it would be a series of lighting strips that would connect to a person's monitor or TV so that when the light changes on portions of the screen, the light around the room also changes. So when there's an orange explosion, the room would flash orange. We ended up not going with this idea for the remaineder of the project due to it being to similar to products which already exist.


The idea behind this business would be to produce a product that would act as a desk but also as a smart device. This would allow the user to use apps and widgets on the desk and it would act as a touch-screen and computer for the user.

Film Critique

This business idea would revolve around providing a hub where people can analyse and discuss film. With websites, forums and apps attached. A sort of intellectual debate-ground for artistic or compisitional analysis of films.

Bar Code Scanner for Fridge

This idea revolved around developing a device which would allow for food to be scanned to keep track of what’s in your fridge. The concept being it would make lives easier for people and alert them on an app when food was about to go out-of-date.


This was the idea we eventually went with. It's concept was that we would develop a wireless mobile phone charger case. It would only be compatible with phones which have the functionality for wireless charging but would take up less space than needing a seperate case, wire and battery pack.

For our idea, we began by developing how the product might look. These initial concept pieces were put together by Silvia Bosoiu.


In order to plan for this, we looked into other competitors in the market. We found a few different products which act as charges that you can wear, and a few chargeable phone cases, but we couldn't find any that utilized wireless charging capabilities.

Final Video