Bonfire Aftermath

This was an individual project completed as part of my university course. It's purpose was to create a purpose-driven motion graphics video. Meaning that it had to be catered towards a specific purpose. This could be a music video piece, a title sequence for a TV or Movie or an infographic video giving information on a particular topic to the audience.

My final Video

Due to the video containing copyrighted music, the video cannot be embedded onto other websites, click here to watch it.

Initial Thinking

Starting off, I had a few seperate ideas for how to approach this. On one hand I wanted to attempt to create an introduction sequence for Mr.Robot. Which is a TV show I'd recently been enjoying. Another was to attempt to create a music interpretation/music video piece for a couple of songs. The one I planned on looking into initially was Creep, by radiohead.

Title Sequence Research

I began by researching into title sequences as this is something that has always intrigued me whilst watching shows. I enjoy a lot of the title-sequences out there nowadays and think that in the age of shows like, breaking bad, game of thrones and various netflix shows, we're in an age of shows which have beautifully crafted title sequences. One minor trepidation I had initially was thinking that I would be obligated to use some 3D in my title sequences as many of the most Iconic and those I just mentioned use them.
However, after looking through at various movie titles, it became obvious that many shows don't use 3D in their title sequences. I did a lot of research looking at various title sequences on

Music Video Research

I began looking into various music videos which used motion graphics, there were many interesting experiments most of which involving a lot of text, whereas I wanted to go for more of a minimal text approach with most of the music being envisaged through images and motion, only using text to exhaggerate or outline impactful moments in the song. Here are some of the different videos I looked at for inspiration. I will be referencing back to these videos later when I discuss which elements I was inspired by from them and incorporate into my final project.

The best example of a motion-graphic music video I found was the following. It has a really fun feel behind it and all of the backgorund and element animation is smooth and lively. I wouldn't want to use an animated character for my own, but I enjoyed the overall feel and style of this video and it's quality is what I strived towards though would likely by unable to achieve due to the time constraints and extreme quality of this video.

IDEA 1 - Title Sequence

Mr Robot

I also tried to make a title sequence for Mr.Robot but really struggled with finding a way of incorporating the titles for the Actor's names and credits and such whilst staying with the theme of the show. I did produce a fair chunk for the introduction but it didn't really show anything off and didn't draw me in the way I wanted it to so with these things combined I dropped this Idea.

You can see from my sketches that I was struggling with ideas that fit thematically and maintained the atmosphere of the show for the title sequence. Initially toying around with the idea of a code-like intro with the credits made to look like lines of code, but I didn't think it would look appealing aesthetically for a more mainstream audience.

I pulled primarily from two inspirations whilst creating this title sequence, one is the obvious matrix-esque text scrolling at the beginning, and I also tried to emulate the extreme close-ups on the text from the Stranger Things title sequence. Though I couldn't achieve the same quality of flickering glow and texture. My inspiration came from these things because Mr.Robot is a heavily past-fueled show, with multiple references and nods to other films and shows from the same era that the matrix was made in and that Stranger Things also pulls from.


I then moved on to trying another song which had an interesting style that I was interested in trying to visualise as a motion graphics piece. Yet a little way through I found that the music wasn't enthusiastic enough and so I wasn't able to make the video as lively as I would've liked.
From this we can begin to see the style I was wanting and the sort of techniques and easing I wanted to use for my music project, which would be carried through to my final Idea. I think it is also fairly apparent from this small clip that I was sort of finding my footing with this attempt, the style of everything is a little bit inconsistent and I would've liked to have more activity going on at the start.

Idea 3 - Bonfire Aftermath

I was struggling through what to focus on for this project when I was listening to a song in my free time on youtube. It was a mashup of Bonfire by Childish Gambino and Aftermath by Caravan Palace. The mashup had a very lively and bouncy feel to it and was exactly the sort of song I was looking for whilst working on my previous pieces. Link to the mashup.


The purpose of this video was to act as a music video. Many sources I saw used a lot of typography but I wanted to convey as much as I could through animations and visuals, saving the text for impactful moments.
The software that I have used for this project includes after effects and photoshop. I used adobe after effects to do the bulk of the work and just used photoshop for some of the planning stage to sketch out a few Ideas.
Next I listened to the song and started sketching out some ideas for each "scene". Ideas came to me much more easily than the previous projects I was attempting and I was able to quickly sketch down some ideas.

Click image for fullscreen.

Surprisingly a lot of the ideas from my sketches got carried through to the final product. Most of the changes I made ended up being because it was too time-intensive. One large change from my planning stage was that I actually ended up doing a video for the entire song, whereas in the initial planning I intended on only having the video run until the end of the song's chorus.


Some parts of the final product were inspired off some of the videos from my research. There are parts where I used the circles growing around each other with a radial wipe from the start of the "Fireflies - Owl City" video. Another thing which I think inspired a lot of my choices was "The Show Lenka" video because I used a significant amount of circles in my video.
I changed a lot of the timing on animating elements to try to give the video a very lively feel to match the music. I also eased a lot of the keyframes of animation to try to make the movement and timing of all of the elements more smooth.
All elements in the compisition were created and manipulated in after effects. The only section of the video which includes any elements from third parties involves the fire during the chorus of the song. The fire was acquired from this video with verbal consent for me to use.

Final Video



Music Video


Rap fanse - Late teens > Mid 20s


My video was created to act as a music video for a mashup of two songs. One by childish gambino called bonfire and one called aftermath by caravan palace.


I chose this particular song because the feeling was very lively and bouncy and it's a project that I thought would be a very enjoyable one to animate.