Animated Logo for personal branding concept

As part of my university project, for one of our smaller projects we were asked to animate a logo with a loop of animation. I chose to do so to my own logo as I had recently created it and wanted to toy around with it in after effects.

the final animation


I took my concept into after effects and began keyframing the animation using mask-paths. I now understand that this is a very time consuming way of doing this and if I could go back, I would try a different method. However, I am very happy with the final result.
As someone who mostly animates using hand-drawn and animating frame-by-frame I was more comfortable with this way of animating.


Overall, I'm very happy with how the logo turned out. The ripping happened a lot quicker than I expected and I decided to add the sort of lines building into the logo idea into the gif which also allowed for it to be looped more easily.