I was asked to create some icons for a friend's amateur stream that he is running on (a popular streaming service that allows users to broadcast content live).

The Finals

The icons had to be created to work down to a 28x28 pixel size but still look nice at 112x112px. This was an unique challenge to make something that looked decent across the different sizes. I ended up choosing to make the line-thickness thicker so that they would remain across all the sizes.

First Attempt

My first attempt at one of the icons came out rather sloppy, it didn't work super well across multiple sizes that the site required and overall I was less happy with it. It was a good first draft though and some of the ideas extended to one of the final emotes like the flames behind the eyes and general expression made it's way to the final rage emote.


At this point I realised I would want to look into some existing icons that people have made for streamers. I came across a few different examples but the style I liked the best was from this iconset by MeowYin, an artist on DeviantArt.
This is the style that I emulated for my final emote attempts


These Icons are now live and usable by subscribers to The Natu's twitch channel.