This page has the results from two projects that were done as part of a university project to create simple posters advertising a city or location and for a sporting event.

Colours of the City Project

The city project had a priority on colour, using colours that are associated with the city and producing a poster for advertising the city to potential tourists visiting. I chose three cities from Asia, choosing Beijin, Seoul and Tokyo.


For the beijing poster I looked into it and found that I could've gone a few ways for picking my colours, I looked into gold as an option but in the end decided to stick to reds and blacks. Many famous buildings that I looked at had a similar theme. Going with Red and gold may have been more consistent with the cities colours but I think the red and black looked nicer, I tried to incorporate the gold in the form of the yellow sun in the background.

Final Beijing Poster


For Seoul the colours were more apparent. I decided to go with the colours from the South Korean flag, blue and red. I then took some pictures from key landmarks from around Seoul and used a pen tool to make a stencil of them, applying the colour to it.

Final Seoul Poster


For Tokyo I tried to keep the white and red style. I photoshopped a picture I found of Tokyo from above, changing the sky to a deep red and adding the word's Tokyo in white and red across the city.
One of the biggest flaws in this design is the potential negative connotations surrounding a red-sky.

Final Tokyo Poster

Sporting Event Poster

The purpose of this project was to produce a poster which would advertise a sporting event. I bent the rules a small amount to include e-sports and decided to make a poster for the league of legends esports world championship finals (2015). I used a photo from the previous year's world championship and added some graphics including the team's logos.

Final Esports Poster