To create game art for a game called PhysPhun where the players would be able to interact with an assortment of fun and peculiar items. I was asked to create icons for these items.


How I worked

The client would send me examples of the 3D models for the game and I would convert them into icon images with transparent backgrounds. For these I decided to try to stick to the models relatively closely so as to ensure consistency, but also move the icons around a bit for more interesting poses or angles.

Changes made due to feedback

Occasionally I would make changes based on feedback recieved from the client. For example, the Television Icon was left a little ambigious so I decided to make it a more modern TV. Upon handing over to the client they discussed the possibility of having a more old-fashioned TV set as the style would work with the game a bit better.
I also wasn't sure exactly how cartoonish to go with a couple of items, as can be seen by the pug to the left. I asked the client and they said go as crazy as you want then we can always dial it back later. This made the project very fun for me as it allowed me to be a bit more creative with some of my decisions.

The Final Art