The Challenge

I wanted to challenge myself to do a drawing a day for a month over the same template image (which was the image I drew on the first day). This challenge went from January 1st 2017 to the end of January.

The Final Drawings

The Drawings

The bulk of the work for every one of these was done in a program called Manga Studio 3 but many also had some time being altered and drawn in photoshop..

The second day's was inspired by a person I saw whilst walking. I liked their haircut and decided to try and imitate it on this drawing. I did all the lines and initial colour and shading in Manga Studio 3. I then brought it into photoshop so I could apply filters to adjust the lighting and change of colour of the lines. I think the final product looks pretty nice.

This is another example of one where the filters and lighting I added from photoshop after the initial drawing turned out really well. The lighting around the eyes came out really nicely with a aqua blue due to being able to use the add(glow) overlay from photoshop.

I'd just watched Star Wars : the Force Awakens again. Overall I think this came out a bit lackluster, but I gave myself a self-imposed limitation of 1 hour per drawing so I didn't want to break it this early.

This was me toying around with some more abstract looks. It's still clearly the same shape and appearance but I didn't use the template and still used the same painting tool that I used for the colour on all of the other ones to give it a more rough feeling than if I simply used a polygon selection and fill tool. I coloured the shapes in vibrance based on their size but eyeballed it instead of trying to have it be accurate.

Trying out different materials is fun and even If I'm not always happy with the outcome, I usually learn a fair amount from trying.

Aang! I was watching some avatar the last airbender whilst drawing this one. If you aren't aware of what that is or who this is supposed to be I am upset. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to replicate the style of the show accurately enough without deviating from the template.

Just a dude, This was one of my first black and white drawings. This was because I started becoming more strapped for time around this point as my course at university started up again for the second semester. There will be more black and white drawings to come!

I thought I'd give an attempt at replicating a very iconic character and decided to draw comic-book joker

Everybody likes the 3rd drawing (robot) but I am actually very happy with how this one turned out. I think it's my favourite of all of them. The face tattoos were inspired by some characters from this overwatch short.

I was playing d&d with one of my friends, he was a halfling fighting giants and he fought a cyclops. It was awesome and I wanted to draw a cyclops. Wasn't super happy with how it turned out as I rushed through this one.

I used a much thinner line tool for this drawing which I got a lot of positive feedback on but it required a lot more effort to make sure the lines were neater so I didn't use this style much for the rest of the days.

This one is of a real person. I asked my course who out of them wanted their picture for the final day and Ben Holden was the first to reply. Here's looking at you Ben.